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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's a Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood

Our new town is not much to speak of.

When we were on our way to it at midnight, Tony warned me it is a little like driving to Deliverance. I thought, how bad can it be? He told me the buildings in the town are kind of run down. No shiny new stores. No fancy restaurants. No nice wide streets with boulevards. No...gasp...Starbucks.

Our street on the other hand is a little oasis.

Really it is a long street/cul-de-sac that is like stepping back into another time.

People actually leave their garage doors open all day long. And don't put their cars up until bedtime.

Front doors stay open and back doors, too.

Kids run between the houses freely all day long and the parents just watch out for everyone's kids.

Bikes and trikes and scooters are strewn about everyone's driveways and front walks.

There are no fences.

The dogs have these invisible fence collars that keep them in their yards.

The ice cream truck comes by and everyone runs for it, instead of from it because it is not Scary Larry in his rust bucket selling who knows what. This is an honest to goodness shiny new truck with fresh ice cream. And he even does birthday parties.

Someone is having a party in their driveway/yard every weekend and you're always invited. Everyone's invited. The whole street is extended family. Some of them actually are family.

The temperature is never above 80 and it rains a few times each week.

Most houses have swimming pools for the summer and hills for sledding in the winter.

And there are these things called trees. Everywhere.

And just think. God led us to this house. On Craig's List. Wow.

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  1. I am excited for you and the kids to live that life! How very cool!