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Click on the link below to read about all of our travel adventures here in New England. There were so many I decided to create a separate blog for them!

Friday, August 12, 2011

So Much Going On!

Okay. First off, no, I have not forgotten about this blog. In fact, quite the opposite. I can hear it calling me throughout the day and in the middle of the night. I have just had a very serious case of... creative designer block. This is very similar to writer's block, but I wasn't having trouble figuring out what to write, I was unsure of the creative direction for the blog itself.

I wanted to journal about our daily life and the funny things the kids say and do, but I also wanted to keep a detailed record of all our excursions while here in New England. And I wasn't sure just how to do that. I didn't want the trips to get all mushed in with the other stuff. I wanted separate "albums," if you will, much like photo albums to help keep track of them.

So...The new link you see above, be it all so clunky, is the new "blog within a blog" to share all of our journeys and pictures while we're here. If you know me at all, and I'm sure most of you do, this is much better for my type A mind to keep them compartmentalized. Even now my brain is going, ahhhhhhhhh.

Please be sure to check this link whenever you visit the blog to keep up with our travels. We sure are taking full advantage of our 52 weekends while we're here!

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